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i like how everything is drawn and colored so smooth! the amount of green used in this game i love to because green is my favorite color! the sprits design is really creative and i like how everyones else is dressed like naturey, their also really nice which i love and the dialouge being in the left corner is new to see but also cool because usually the dialouge is in the middle, nice job!

Thank you!  :D  I'm glad you liked my game.  ^^

who wouldnt like it!

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That was really great! Some really lovable charcters in this story

Thank you!  And thanks for playing!  :D

Really enjoyed it. Made me laugh at parts and the artwork is lovely.

Thanks, Retro!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  ^^

That I did. Though I'm curious if you plan on making a game with exploration next?

I haven't decided yet.  ^^

I really enjoyed this! I'll break down my thoughts.


Absolutely lovely. The character designs were all super interesting, the animations were great, the backgrounds were colorful and fun to look at with lots of little details, and the textbook was of a kind I hadn't really seen before. One note on the textbox, the font sometimes jumps out of the textfield, so I think shifting those parameters just a bit would help. 


The story was really interesting. You learn more about the world the more you play. The overall introduction was a bit slow for me, and some of the exposition felt a little clunky, but once the story really got going that lessened exponentially, and the details were given in smoother way. Things like Sally's obvious reluctance to speak of her true feelings about her master, Acid's origin and motivations.


This was probably the weakest aspect in my opinion. I prefer a mix of narration and dialogue though, so it could just be me. Putting the actions in *asterisks* felt a bit silly, especially at the more tense moments. However, it didn't take too much away from the overall game, and by the end I enjoyed it more. 

Congratulations on finishing NaNo and thank you for the lovely game!

Thanks so much, Min!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and took some time to write down your thoughts.  ^^

I found it interesting that you mentioned the lack of narration, because that was something I was debating with myself.  I wanted there to be more in there, but I couldn't shake the thought of:  "If the scenes are animated you don't need to explain things."  

I probably should have just let myself put some in!  :D

Thanks, again!  ^^