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High in the mountains there is a town by the name of Crystenn.  Built in a location filled with magic, it is famed for the crystals it produces from its caves.  

But all this magic has a dark side;  the forest surrounding the town is filled with plants and animals that have powers of their own.  Some of which are deadly.  While there are some people who go in a little ways to find rare plants, most steer clear.

So imagine Lily's surprise when she finds a boy traveling through the forest...

Lily, the protagonist.  A girl who has the ability to bring dolls she has made to life.  It is very rare for a human to have magical abilities and she has never met anyone like her.

A Visual Novel made for NaNoReNo 2018.  ^^

Length:  Approx 40 minutes


TheAsoraliteCrystal-1.0-win.zip 35 MB
TheAsoraliteCrystal-1.0-mac.zip 34 MB
TheAsoraliteCrystal-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 39 MB

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